Saturday, July 30, 2011

Zindagi na milegi dobara

I loved this movie. It was compared to Dil Chahta Hai. I did not see the connection.

However, the recurring theme of getting over fears, the recurring theme of friends helping friends to overcome these fears, was very appealing to my (still) youthful spirit. A friend on facebook posted (out of context) “Wasn’t it beautiful when you believed in everything.” This movie reminded me of that.

The script was just too great. Hrithik Roshan is so damn cool…but we all knew that. His screen presence is just too much. Okay, Farhan Akhtar was really good and his character had a lot of scope but with Hrithik in the scene, there was no way you could focus on Farhan Akhtar OR Abhay Deol OR even Naseerudin Shah.
I do not much like  Katrina Kaif. In looks or in acting. This movie did nothing to change that opinion. 

Abhay deol, I thought was talentless from the first movie I watched but I have to admit, he acts now. 

Farhan Akthar is a favourite now. He has good comedy timing… and well, in this movie, “Bagwati” and “Chudail Alert!” just defined the humor. I thought he handled the emotional scenes without exaggeration.
Whoever designed the guys’ clothes just rocked. The location (SPAIN?) is refreshing and breathtaking. It even reminds me of a pollution free location in India. I have tried none of their sports. But they were quite the daring.

Movies with a strong friendship angle always make me super happy. This one has a pact involved (promising and keeping a promise) too!
Just watch it.

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  1. This is a super fantastic movie.. I mean just the kinds I love. In fact, had one of the most chillest moment watching a movie in recent times..

    Agree with everything you said except that I have enjoyed watching Katrina in her last few movies.. She is one of those "cute bubbly doll" kinda actors. There is 1% increase in her acting :) Especially in the scene when she is checking out Hrithik after their first training day. She is now expressing a bit.

    Abhay has created that niche I think. He can act and does act if you watch some of his last 2-3 movies. He is not a "star" but more like a hybrid between a stage, artsy types and cool.

    Farhan has IMPROVED his acting, especially with comic times. Man he was amazing.. He and Abhay rocked the "Boooaaay" scene.. :D

    Less said about Hrithik better it is, because words are not enough, but he is one and probably the only actor who can express.. he doesn't need words.. just his eyes and his expressions have that power. People just get caught up with success and money and the way they react & behave was portrayed to the "T" by him..

    Characters like these that are shown loving life in true sense and doing things that they want to do inspire me very much. Guess we just get too much tied up in working, drama, that we define successful, happy life on what "people" think instead of our own selves. Priyanka's character in Anjaana Anjaani was similar.. free bird