Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Chillar Party

Chillar party is a gang of several boys who live in Chandan Nagar society in Mumbai. Apart from their mischievousness all the society members likes them. When a orphan boy Fatka (Irrfan Khan) enters the society with his dog Bhidu,chillar party have some problem with them because of some misunderstanding.but then group become best friend of orphan and his dog named bhidu.but on a occasion when a state minister came there for playground's opening ceremony because of his secretary's mischeviousness dog bite him.Then minister and secretary make a law that street dog that have no N.O.C from society must be out sided from mumbai.then childern makes various effrots to save Bhidu from dog catcher unit.this is a story of children who fought for a street dog against a minister and saved his friend at any cost.


  1. YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS ONE. Kids are fabulous and hilarious. My favorite character "jhangiya" is the funniest. I was laughing hard, almost had tears in my eyes. In the end there is message in the film, but overall it's a good movie.

    Shows a good balance that kids can be MEAN, but they do realize what's good and bad.

    A good reminder that as we grow we forget the basic human values.

  2. we got to watch this. Maybe this weekend...