Monday, May 30, 2011





Did you watch Kung fu Panda ? The one in which PO finally becomes the dragon warrior? If you haven’t, you should. Although the kung Panda 2 can be watched without having watched Kung Fu Panda 1. Oh what the heck! YOU HAVENT WATCHED KUNG FU PANDA????? 

The animation is just superlative. The story may be a regular one but it becomes so much more interesting just being an animation movie. To add to it, the characters and the voices are all so good!!

It was sort of strange to watch Tigress(Angelina Jolie) having a soft side. Especially for PO. I was so happy with the movie that I could hear myself laugh in the theatre and N had to ‘shush’ me.

Anyway, it’s a regular story told in an extra ordinary manner. The villain’s character was very charming. He is a peacock with feathers of metal and his army is a pack of wolves and he has these huge tanks that spit out metal. Then there is this prophecy by a goat that tells Shen (the peacock) he will be dead and will be killed by a panda. When he hears this prophecy, Shen kills all the Pandas in the world. Except for Po who, then just a baby is saved when his mother puts him in a basket of radishes.  
The first time round, PO is a little stupid and gets hit by the tanker. Then he remembers the story and comes back to avenge his family and save his friends.
He even finds his Inner Peace.

It is hilarious and I am surprised that it is even better than the first one. Usually sequels do not live up to the expectations set by the first movie but this movie was GREAT!
The script, the action sequences, the animation was just WOW! WE should get to see more movies like this.
Watch it ! Watch it ! Watch it!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Something Borrowed

Chick flick. It was entertaining. Kate Hudson is OLD in the movie. Okay the movie was made for 30 year olds but she looks old and not cute.

I haven’t read the book  and I don’t want to anymore. The story is very predictable.
There are some moments of good Funny but mostly it is regular chick- flick funny. Oh JIM from Office – John Krasinski, he is the best in the movie.
Dex- Colin Egglesfield - is sort of okay I guess but not great. Both Kate Hudson  and Ginnifer Goodwin  play their part well although, I really liked Ginnifer Goodwin.

It is refreshing and nice but I wish I had waited for the DVD.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Fast Five

This is one movie or should I say sequels of movies that never gets boring. Of all the 5 movies I have never got bored or have had enough of it. All credit to the writers and directors for keeping it interesting. Also, I feel this is one sequel which is probably just 10-20% dependent on the cast and majority is the screenplay and action around cars :)

I am a huge, I mean HUGE fan of "The Rock". He is one of the most electrifying and engaging entertainer. He is funny and in desi style "bol bachchan" :). However, I felt he did not add much to the movie and if he wasn't there don't think the movie would have changed a bit.

The movie is different, entertaining, but some of the action scenes are cheesy like the jump off the cliff in the train sequence. The last scene where they are driving around the city with that huge vault and damaging the city as if it were lego blocks. The reason I like Fast and Furious movies is because they are a good mix of witty jokes, funny, full of action and style... last but not the least.. its about cars :)

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Chris Hemsworth– He is SO GOOD LOOKING!!!! 

The movie was very good. Entertaining and well made.
I love the Marvel comics and am looking forward to the Avengers now. I wish they would release it sooner….

Mythology? Always yes. Super heroes and mythology, even better.  This was an evening very well spent.

Watch it on the big screen…Its like star trek (or was that star wars?)– if you don’t watch it on the big screen, you start to see the tube lights instead of focusing on the incredible story.

I thought the ending could be treated a bit better. There seemed to be no closure for the bad guys.  The romantic angle was fine. Maybe the point (to leave it open ended) is to raise the expectation of a sequel. Even so… it would make a better story if there was some kind of clarity that the frost giants were gone or still alive or something.

Anthony Hopkins– well, can perfection be improved upon? 
Natalie Portman– She is very good. But her role could have been more important. 
However, the movie was about THOR- The god after whom Thursday was named .
And Chris Hemsworth was very good. And apparently he was in STAR TREK (2009). I will have to watch that movie again.
And I really liked Kat Dennings’s charcter Darcy. So refreshing.

Tanu weds Manu

Chaos. The story is such chaos.

I am not sure if it was supposed to be funny but it was mostly just annoying. Madhavan, the best ever as always. Only I don’t know why someone would create a character that was all-sacrificing and just basically a nice guy ! Its just painful to watch this.
Kangana Raut-To my amazement, I actually think she did a good job. I love her clothes.
I don’t get the story. They are all, if not good, pretty decent actors but their dialogues are totally disastrous. Especially Jimmy Shergil’s. I do not understand why he was even needed in the movie. Don’t get me wrong… I have a soft corner for Jimmy Shergil – Thanks to Maachis  

Anyway, if I had to rate it as watchable or not, I would say – Barely watchable.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Source code

In the wake of Inception, psychotic movies dealing with reality and otherwise, have higher viewer expectations. And this movie falls way short.

The concept of multi-universe is really interesting and I don’t really have the time to think about the possibility of such an existence.

The story had a lot more potential than the movie. Some bits was ingenious and some really lame. The imagination was inconsistent (Is that an oxymoron?)  Anyway, it was okay… and if you don’t get to watch it, you haven’t missed anything.

I want to say I liked the hero – Jack Gyllenhaal and so on but I really did not find the movie impressive in any area. 

The possibility that the military can do that, create experimental brain models – create source code… makes my hair stand on my arms. But again… nothing is impossible.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Turning 30

Turning 30

I was so enthused to watch this movie when I watched the trailer and had very high expectations from Gul panag. But this was such a let down!!!
 The only good part about the movie was Purab….
The story was full of clich├ęs and so predictable. The lifestyle they show in the movie – I couldn’t wrap my head around it. I wonder if I am from a different generation or a different genre. Either way… I did not enjoy the movie.
I was looking forward to the acting but Gul panag was if anything mediocre and totally below her potential. She comes across as trying too hard.
It is not even funny and has almost no comic relief.

Over all – not worth the time.