Thursday, March 3, 2011

7 khoon maaf

7 khoon maaf on wiki

It should be coined as a thriller. Priyanka Chopra- she is awesome. Her portrayal of Susanna is right on. I did not imagine I would ever say that I admire Priyanka Chopra's work. She has been amazing in her recent movies.

About the movie itself, its a psycho movie. Especially the part which shows that Suzanna, her helper, butler and cook are ACTUALLY crazy. Scared me!


  1. Kya timing hai. Was gonna post this one this weekend. Watched it last week and it was awesome. The actors were well casted. I have enjoyed Priyanka's work. She does good acting. More importantly she tries versatile roles rather than Sonam, Anushka who do more stereotypical roles.

    Its a dark movie and can be creepy.

  2. So are you guys recommending me to watch the movie or not?

  3. my vote - No for Kavita. At least not right now. In a couple months, may be.

  4. Oooops missed this one. Sorry. Didn't get email about new comments.. grrrr.. yea I 2nd Megha's vote. No for Sanket too.. he will get scarier ideas :D