Monday, January 24, 2011

No One Killed Jessica

The film, No One Killed Jessica is based on the true story of Jessica Lal , a Delhi-based model, who was shot in 1999 at a restaurant in New Delhi by Manish Bhardwaj, alias Manu, the son of an influential politician.

Jessica, along with actor and model Vikram Jai Singh, was working as bartender at the said restaurant on that ill-fated evening. Manu and his two friends asked for drink to Jessica, but she refused to serve as the bar was closed by then. Manu got angry and shot at Jessica who succumbed to death on the way to hospital. The whole incident happened in front of several people but surprisingly not more than 8-10 agreed to be witness in front of police. It then became an uneven battle between Jessica’s family, especially her sister Sabrina and the politically-backed and influential family of the accused.

In February 2006, the court acquitted Manu and other accused due to lack of sufficient evidence. However, this set off public outrage in the country, which was well supported by electronic media. As a result of all these, a fast-track court ordered further investigation, which finally found Manu guilty. In December 2006, Manu got a life imprisonment.

Sources: Wikipedia, IMDb

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Julie and Julia

Julie and Julia : Wiki, Imdb

This is a movie I watched a couple months ago and was even older but I thought the movie was really good.
Every time I have to psyche myself to cook, I think of this movie.

People find meaning in so many ways and this movie was such a soulful movie. This was apparently based on a real life story but I havnt gotten around reading the book yet. I may not.

I love Meryl Streep. She is just amazing. She has such immense screen presence that it just makes it fun to watch. I cannot say I have watched a lot of her movies. I liked Devil wears Prada and Its Complicated.

I was so super psyched to try something like the movie - 1 dish a day from a recipe book. But I realized on a practical note that a) I dont cook everyday and b) Somenbody has got to eat the food I cook. So I gave that up, for right now but I will definitely try something like that.

Also Stanley Tucci, her husband in the movie, is a very talented actor I think. Even in other movies. And story-wise such a supporting character.

So when inspiration strikes, just act. I guess.

Friday, January 7, 2011

True Grit (2010)

I am a sucker for westerns. I loved Appaloosa, Australia and the latest – True grit.

Apparently there was also an older movie with the same concept and story line – had no idea until I started to review the new one.

The story is about how a young girl (ok 14 to me is a little girl) tracks down her father’s killer with help from a texas ranger and a US Marshall. Matt Damon is the texas ranger and he is good (as usual). Jeff Bridges as the US Marshall was good. But the girl, Hailee Steinfield, steals the show. Her performance – too good.

This movie had a very good story but I thought there were too many elements handled in relatively little time, making the ending dragged out and the fight anti-climactic. The story could have been exploited to make a even better movie The murderer was downplayed, the action scenes subdued and the ending, where the US Marshall carries the little girl a long distance, seemed to be added as  an afterthought.

I would recommend to watch it either way.